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"Interested in the valences of color more than those of the line, AvanuC creates a series of compositions in which female figures are captured in the calm atmosphere of a room, in an iconography of rest and dream, having a lyrical, meditative attitude. Also, the artist finds in the ordinary armchairs or figurines of true porcelain, pretexts for chromatic, expressionist games, ordered in an overall decorative view, but supported by the aspiration for simplicity. The expressiveness of the created spaces is enhanced by the chromatic relationships, the contrasts between complementary, the vibrating matter including and reflecting light."

(Roxana Barbulescu, art critic, Moments, 2016 exhibition)

"Due to its artistic complexity, Cerasela Dragos brings to the gallery style of Elite Art Gallery Prof Art, graphic works. Complexity is a word that defines the plastic, thus mastering the painting on the easel and the graphics. Her works betray a rich and assiduous preparation in the world of visual arts. Her compositions, centered largely on figurative subjects, are orderly balanced in the plastic space. The harmony and rhythm of the elements of plastic language - especially of the line, form and color - transform her works into fragments of a sensitive inner world. Elegance, precision, modulation and line modeling are very important for artists who cross the graphic arts. And so Cerasela Dragos succeeds with ability to complete works of real finesse and complexity."

(Petre Emanuel Ghergu – Visual Artist, PhD in art history)

"The artist, though self-taught - as she herself confesses - surprises with the ease of the preparation in the field of so well beloved classical genres such as landscape, static nature, portraits or composition. She does so every time in an authentic way, with high precision in rendering the sentimental load, tenaciously understanding the perception of the aesthetic spirit that lies beyond matter and which in turn establishes the solid relationship between the object, artist and viewer. The faithful representation in this case is not and should not become a goal in itself, especially as the artist practices an atmospheric painting, in which, as I have already stated, the feeling is assumed and reproduced through a refined chromatic composition, marked by subdued alternations and juxtapositions, but which give a certain gravity to the compositions.... "

(Silviu Parascan, Visual Artist and Master's degree in Medieval Art)

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